6YS has a strong history of absorbing USD exchange rate price increases for our customers. With the exception of Microsoft SPLA licensing (where our margins are thin) we have typically not passed on rises in exchange rate in order to maintain our competitive price points for our partners and customers.

Unfortunately the extreme pressure on the Australian dollar has put us in a position where we can not continue to absorb this burden on our own.

The last time we performed an adjustment of this scale based on foreign exchange rates the dollar was at US $1.30 and today it is at $1.67 with analysts predicting a 2020 average comfortably in the $1.70’s. This has significantly impacted the cost of the hardware and software that we use to deliver our services and so we have made the difficult decision to increase prices on those products most affected.

The following products and services are impacted:

  • APPSPOINT Protected Desktop
  • COMMSPOINT Polycom & Yealink phone hardware
  • IRONPOINT Performance Units (but not storage or other related costs)
  • IRONPOINT Backup & DR Service (but not backup storage costs)
  • Service Provider licensing including Microsoft such as SQL Server
  • ShareFile
  • STOREPOINT Cloud Data Protection and Veeam Cloud Connect per VM/Server/Workstation charges (but not storage or Protect 365)

We appreciate your understanding and continued support. Naturally if you have any queries about this please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.