On 31st December 2019, Microsoft announced unlimited use of the Priority Notification feature in Teams until 1st April 2020. Today Microsoft confirmed they are extending this until 1st July 2020. After that date, licensed users will be able to send Priority Notifications according to the terms of their subscription.

How do Priority Notifications work?

As first announced in June 2019, users can mark a Teams message as Urgent when they have access to the Priority Notifications feature. Unlike Important messages, Urgent messages are sent with Priority Notifications that notify the recipient every two (2) minutes for a period of 20 minutes or until the recipient reads the message. This feature maximizes the likelihood that a message is acted upon in a timely manner.


This feature is on by default for all customers until 1st July 2020 and can be managed by Admin users in the Microsoft Teams admin center under Messaging policies.

Note: If an admin has created a TeamsMessagingPolicy in the last six (6) months, this setting may have been defaulted to Off. In that case, the admin will need to set it back to On for their users to have access to Priority Notifications.