Back on 14th November 2019, Microsoft announced a new feature – the ability to target messages to members of a “tag”. This was originally slated to roll out beginning of January 2020 with completion in March. Microsoft have today advised that rollout of this feature will not be completed until end of June 2020.

Many organisations (ourselves included) already have access to tagging but we suspect that not all regions have received this update as yet.

How does it work?

Simply put, by using tags team owners can organize users based on a common attribute, such as role, project, skill, training, or location. After team members have tags, the team owner or a tagged team member can create a channel post, @tagName, that notifies only the users who have that tag (in this case @tagName). Tags are team-based; you have to a be a member of a team in order to use an associated tag.

For example, you could send a message to all cashiers in a store or all nurses in a specific hospital ward. Admins can restrict tagging to team owners or allow any team member to add tags to other team members. Team owners may limit tagging for their team.