In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated increase in both number and severity of cybersecurity threats, we are asking all 6YS customers to strongly consider our cost-effective Basic Protection Plan. Details about what this includes and why we are encouraging customers to adopt this service are included below. We feel a strong desire to help our customers be as safe as possible so here is what you need to know.


About the Basic Protection Plan

Sometimes we all have issues with our computers – apps crash, error messages

pop up and our work day is interrupted. The cybersecurity threat landscape is also becoming more complex, with the number of new threats growing at an alarming rate. For this reason 6YS is offering all of our customers the Basic Protection Plan, a cost effective “entry-level” version of our more comprehensive Complete support package.

For a low “per device” cost, we install a small unobtrusive app – our ServiceMe Agent – on your device. This software monitors your computer around the clock ensuring it is performing the way it should, and allows us to rapidly collect diagnostic data when things go wrong.

Using the ServiceMe Agent you can also consent to give us instant access to your Windows or Mac desktop on an as-needed basis so that one of our Helpful Humans can troubleshoot your issue for you.

Finally, the Basic Protection plan comes with automatically updated antivirus software. This is continuously monitored by the ServiceMe Agent, ensuring your device enjoys protection against the latest viruses and malware.

No security solution can guarantee 100% safety, but our layered approach to security, that includes both protection and rapid response, offers cost-effective device protection that goes far beyond traditional antivirus software.

What’s included?

The Basic Protection Plan includes:

  • ServiceMe Agent
  • Managed Antivirus Software
  • Remote access and diagnostic tools preinstalled for when things go wrong
  • Asset reporting, including hardware risk identification and replacement recommendations
  • Rapid support from our Brisbane-based team of engineers (charged at an hourly rate)
How much does it cost?

The Basic Protection Plan costs $10 / device* / month ex GST.

Technical support is charged at $45 / 15-min block ex GST.

If you are currently paying for an antivirus subscription, then this will no longer be required and so we suggest deducting this existing expense from your calculations.

* Both Windows and MacOS devices are supported. Note: devices running mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, are not supported by ServiceMe Agent at this time.

Is 6YS forcing me to buy this?

No. However, we strongly encourage all of our customers to consider this offer. Naturally even without the Basic Protection Plan, we will still be available to assist you but all help can only be rendered on a “best effort” basis. The Basic Protection Plan (specifically, our Service Me Agent that is included with the plan) enables us to respond to your security or support issues much more rapidly than when the Agent is not already installed.



6YS offers comprehensive support packages including our Complete Protection Plan, which starts at $80 / device / month ex GST and includes substantial value such as “all you can eat” remote technical support, and more!



Please contact Andrew Haley to arrange a protection plan on:


Ph: 07 3174 5717