6YS is proud to be partnered with ClearDesk bringing you and your workforce the Digital Transformation it deserves.

Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft and Office 365, ClearDesk allows you to have all of the apps you need to run your business all on one pane of glass. Not only that, you have the ability to access reports, structures and intricate details previously unimagined while having the level of efficiency across all of your applications, without the worry of human error.


So, why ClearDesk?



The use of cloud services – hosted either publicly or privately – has become the clear model of choice, the problem we face is that spreading core business services, applications and data, across increasingly distributed environments, data centres and servers all over the world, multiplies the complexity associated with security, reliability and resiliency, and application performance.  

ClearDesk creates customer value and a memorable user experience, driving market differentiation and innovation whilst minimising risk which is front of mind for every organisation.  

When everyone and everything is not located together, the rules change. Connecting everyone to all the data, platforms and systems they need, from wherever they are, requires a re-think of what we expect from our IT 

Historically organisations connected to their clouds using a virtual private network over the public internet. That approach doesn’t allow for efficient workload portability or scalability and represents additional complexity around security, performance, cost and management 

Simplifying connectivity between systems and workloads via ClearDesk serves many purposes. It helps reduce the risk of downtime by eliminating a large number of potential points of failure, and enables you to take advantage of redundancy, back-up and disaster recovery capabilities inherent in a VPN ecosystem. ClearDesk provides your organisation with eleven (11) key benefits: 


  1. Simplicity - Multiple password, multiple screens - all your daily tasks, emails, reminders and apps in one place - under once screen 
  2. Performance - Reduced latency and speed of responses when compared with clunky VPN networks.  The power of ClearDesk provides quicker response times, no spinning wheels and hour glasses 
  3. Security - All of your data protected by M365's premium security   ClearDesk's multi-factor authentication (through your phone) means your organisation is compliant and exceeds government and commercial security standards 
  4. Scalability - Each user has their own instance on their own device.  Add and reduce users when you need to through your own admin portal.  ClearDesk Scales to your business's needs - monthly. 
  5. Reliability - Connecting to your cloud network directly from your device brings an end to storing your data on premise or on your device.  Have a device and an internet connection - you're ready to go with ClearDesk, whenever and wherever you are. 
  6. Cost - Your organisation can do away with costly capex.  ClearDesk is a cost effective monthly price per user.  Add a device and an internet connection - and forget the rest. 
  7. Memory - Whether it is passwords for all of your logins, your favourite documents or your Daily To-Do List, ClearDesk will remember it all. 
  8. Automatic Maintenance - As ClearDesk is a piece of software that we provide to you "as a Service" ('SaaS'), we look after the maintenance of your software delivery.  No more techs visiting your organisation to fix the server in the backroom.  Its all included with ClearDesk. 
  9. Speed of Deployment - We are as flexible and nimble as your organisation.  If your company is adding staff members, we can have them set up that same day.  Staff moving offices or working from home - not a problem. 
  10. Disaster Recovery - Fire, flood, pandemic, staff error, cyber attack - we've got your data backed up, encrypted and available for you.  ClearDesk maintains your data off-site away from organisational and environmental risks 
  11. Data Sovereignty - For many organisations, having their data in-country is of utmost importance.  ClearDesk stores and back-ups your data in Australia, not San Francisco or Mumbai. Your data remains local, stored securely for when you need it. 

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