In general, data loss falls under two main categories – hardware-related and accidental. Hardware failures happen when some physical hard drive components fail or become damaged, while accidental failures happen as a result of accidental deletion or disk reformatting.

To ensure data security, it is recommended that you perform regular backups and have the right data recovery plan and strategy that follow the 3-2-1 rule. Furthermore, you should have at least three copies of your entire data, stored on different types of media, one of which should be offsite.

Having said that, 6YS – the number one tech company operating on the ethos of delivering business outcomes and speed to value on IT investment for businesses across Australia - has decided to explain in detail how data recovery work so that you are able to manage data loss occurrences successfully.

Data Recovery

In order to get your data back in case of a data loss, you have to perform data recovery which can come in different forms and has different success levels depending on what caused the loss. Luckily, recovery software and technology are advancing pretty fast which means that in most cases you will be able to recover your data, at least some amount of it if not all.

Operating systems created for speed make data recovery possible by removing basic references to the file and not deleting them completely. Then, the recovery software scans the storage drive to find and move the files, which otherwise would have been inaccessible, to separate storage space.

Accidental Deletion

When accidental deletion occurs, your operating system is responsible for the success of recovering lost files. Windows NTFS systems, compared to BSD UFS systems, are far more successful in data recovery since they keep the file description info while BSD UFS system erases nearly all file information instantly.

To choose the right file recovery software, just ask one of the most professional and experienced technology companies – 6YS.

Hardware Failures

Compared to accidental deletions, physical hardware failures are quite a bit more complicated because usually, it takes a lot more than just recovery software to get your lost data back. To successfully recover your files, special equipment is also needed and a clean room where technicians can handle and repair the physical components of the hard drive. However, have in mind that such work can only be performed by a data recovery company and no one else if you want to avoid further damage to the hard drive.

Also, note that file corruption and file loss aren’t the same thing. Corrupted files don’t only require recovery, but they also need to attention from special data repair software.

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