Nowadays, trying to survive in the competitive business world, most companies are searching for ways they can improve efficiency and make their operations and resources easily accessible and available. When it comes to the technology industry, companies are turning to virtualising infrastructure to reduce IT expenses and, at the same time, boost productivity, performance, and adaptability.

Having said that, 6YS – the ultimate technology company, operating on the ethos of delivering business outcomes and speed to value on IT investment for businesses across Australia, has decided to explain everything you need to know about virtualisation technology.

What is Virtualisation Technology?

The foundation of the well-known cloud computing is actually IT virtualisation which creates a layer between software and hardware, i.e. between storage, computing, and network infrastructure and the operating systems and applications used, by using special software. By doing this, a virtual system featuring virtual machines (VM’s) is created allowing organizations to run different systems and apps on the same device at the same time.

Namely, a study shows that nearly half of the Australian and New Zealand companies have adopted IT virtualisation. The reason for this is that virtualisation technology offers plenty of benefits. So, here’s a list of the top ones:

Top Benefits of Virtualisation Technology

  1. Improved Responsiveness

One of the ways in which virtualisation helps you improve efficiency is by increasing speed and improving responsiveness by allowing you and staff to set up applications, desktops, and servers quickly and flexibly. What’s more, it enables your hardware to perform at its best, i.e. optimal levels. Furthermore, virtualisation can significantly reduce the time spent on maintenance by automatically managing and streamlining a variety of tasks. Similarly,

  1. Minimal Data Loss

In general, in case of an IT disaster or system crash, you will have to call your IT team to fix or replace the physical server which can take quite a lot of time, sometimes even days, especially when data recovery is done via traditional backup. However, if you adopt virtualisation technology, the data recovery will take only a couple of minutes as it is extremely easy to deploy and provision within such an environment. Plus, you may suffer from minimal data loss only since the resiliency of your IT environment is improved.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

When you virtualise your environment, that one physical server changes into numerous VM’s which can have separate operating systems and run separate applications even though they still have one physical server as a host. In other words, you will not only save on operating costs like staffing, maintenance, and power usage, but also will cut down costs on extra servers, installment, and new equipment.

  1. Improved Security

Finally, this is maybe one of the major benefits of virtualisation – improved security. Nowadays, when cyber crime is on the rise, companies must address this issue quite seriously and consider it as the number one priority since it can result in some significant business damage and loss. Luckily, virtualised servers allow you to manage your security requirements from one place only and identify and eliminate unstable or compromised apps to prevent malware or other damaging threats to spread.

As you can see, virtualisation is definitely right for any business, including yours. The benefits it offers are remarkable. So, in case you need any further information about virtualisation technology, contact 6YS today and get ensure you get the best service.



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