We are pleased to announce that ClearDesk has last night released a major update that sets the stage for an exciting future. This release is anticipated to be the last of this scale, with future updates occurring in smaller increments, and with higher frequency.


Activity Feed

We are proud to launch the Activity Feed, which replaces the Notifications bar. The Activity Feed provides notifications not just about ClearDesk (such as new tiles that are now available) but also your upcoming meetings, including simple “join” links for Teams, Zoom and Join.me. The feed can also be pinned to ClearDesk so it is always visible as a “sidebar”.
We have huge plans for the Activity Feed as will begin supporting integration with third-party applications such as SharePoint Approval notifications, Teams notifications and more!

Global Search Bar

We proudly introduce the new global search function, which allows users to easily search apps, emails and SharePoint files from every page in ClearDesk. Just tap on the magnifying glass icon near the top right of your ClearDesk screen and search away!

Removed Support for Internet Explorer

In this release we formally remove support for Internet Explorer. Since Internet Explorer is no longer supported, we now show a ‘browser not supported’ page when opening ClearDesk in IE.

New Features

Documents, Email, To-Do, Calendar & Contacts

• From now on, you’re able to show both read and unread items in the Email live tile to get a better overview of your inbox.
• Easily find your contacts based on their name, organization or function (and more) in the new Address book live tile. When clicking a contact, the Address book sidebar with the contact’s details page will open.
• It’s now possible to add folders to Documents live tiles. The content of the folder (subfolders and files) is shown in the live tile. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to change the position of the lists (Recent, Bookmarks, added folders) in the live tile, so you can arrange your list according to what’s most important to you.
• It’s now possible to set permissions and Conditional Access on local Office editors for SharePoint documents. If a user has no permissions, or the conditions are not met, he or she is not able to use the local Office editors.
• Insecure content is now hidden by default in the Email app.
• We now support .potx files (PowerPoint templates) in our Documents app.
• It’s now possible to open your email messages directly in the Outlook Web App (OWA) via the Email live tile and the Global Search Bar.
• We extended the link-sharing experience by adding the possibility to set an expiration date on an ‘Anyone’ link. Thereby, it’s now also possible to create shareable links for specific people.
• Instantly get more details about your calendar appointments! In this update, we’re introducing a new dialog from where you can easily join an online meeting, see the attendees of an appointment, or navigate to the Outlook Web App. Simply click on a calendar event in the Calendar live tile or in the Activity Feed to open it.
• We now better protect users, by preventing them from interacting with infected files from SharePoint. Infected files contain a red error icon.
• When trying to upload files into a folder that already has a file with an identical name, you are now provided with the option to replace the file, skip the upload or keep both files in the same folder.
• The To-Do tile now also supports the following lists: “Assigned to you” and “Flagged emails”.

Navigation, Spaces & Tabs

• Vastly improve the navigation of ClearDesk and unify everything in one place by adding the ability to have Documents app, Email app and Web content apps as tabs on the ClearDesk header. Also, the tab bar is now accessible throughout the entire product. This also allows you to integrate, for example, your intranet within a tab.
• It’s now possible to set permissions on the Personal space, which makes it possible to hide the personal space for everyone in the organization or part of the organization. Also, it’s now possible to change the position of the Personal space in the header, which allows you to set a shared space as default.
• You are now able to set permissions on shared spaces. A shared space will only be visible to a user if he or she has access to the shared space. However, if a user has permissions to a shared space, but no permissions to the shared tile groups and tiles within that space, the space will be visible, but completely empty.

Announcements Tile

• We are proud to introduce the option to display your Announcement live tile with a carousel layout. This will show one announcement at a time with a large visual and allow people to ‘flip through’ their announcements.
• The Announcements tile now has a new grid view to display your announcements and news.
• There are new permission levels on announcement categories: Who has access (can see announcements), Editors (can create/edit/delete all announcements in the category) and Owners (can create/edit/delete all announcements in the category and also manage the category itself).

Other Tiles

• Web content tiles now redirect the user to a dedicated page within ClearDesk, where the web content is shown in a larger format, so it can be viewed more easily. From here, the user can navigate to the full website.
• We proudly present the new Birthdays live tile, which shows the upcoming birthdays of your colleagues.
• Very easily publish YouTube videos in your ClearDesk by simply copying and pasting the URL of a YouTube video or playlist with the new YouTube tile.

Other New Features

• We now show an indicator for unread activities before the page title in the browser tab.
• When using ClearDesk in Edge (non-Chromium), a lower version than 80 of Chrome or a lower version than 12 of Safari, we show a deprecation banner at the top of every page which explains the deprecation of these browsers.
• It is now possible to open ClearDesk apps from other platforms. This can be achieved via direct app links, which can be created from the App store. This is supported for the following apps: Shortcut apps, Citrix XenApps, local apps, Azure apps and Windows Virtual Desktop apps.
• With this release, we introduce a New features sidebar, which can be opened from the ClearDesk header. In the sidebar, the most relevant new features are displayed to the user.


• We improved the design and experience of the sidebars in the Document Management System and Email app.
• We improved the Recent list in the Documents live tile, by only showing files which are edited by users themselves.
• You can now share the URL from the browser in the Documents App between users, even if your colleague has no access to the site collection or parent folders.
• The navigation button in the Email live tile now opens the selected folder in the Email App. Also, when opening an email message from the live tile, the Email app shows the correct folder in the sidebar.
• For folder and file names, we now match the naming restrictions of SharePoint Online, instead of using the SharePoint 2013 restrictions.
• We now detect if the user’s Office 365 password is updated and offer the user to change his or her Cloud Archive credentials.
• We minimized the time the browser would freeze when opening SharePoint documents, even for browsers with a slower performance.
• Searching in SharePoint sub folders now yields more results.
• When creating a SharePoint folder where the name ends with a dot, we now show a user-friendly validation message.
• We improved the design of the Recent list in the Documents live tile by showing who edited a document.
• To improve your security, we now always show the email address of the sender behind his/her name in the Email App by default.
• We Improved the date/time visualization throughout ClearDesk. We reduced the amount of formats we use to create more consistency. Thereby, we made the visualizations more user-friendly. For example, instead of showing month numbers, we now show month names.
• We’ve updated the welcome email for new ClearDesk users.
• We improved the general look and feel of ClearDesk by updating the typography and icons. Titles and headings are now in bold.
• We optimized the styling of the 2×2 tiles. As a result, 2 lines of text are reserved for the tile name instead of one.


• Previously, when creating a folder bookmark with a name that included a full stop, the name would be cut off. From now on, the name stays intact.
• When clicking a to-do in the To-Do live tile, the user would be redirected to a wrong page which told them that the list and the to-do could not be found.
• The SharePoint document version history didn’t work for certain documents.
• When creating a Calendar appointment from ClearDesk in Office 365, it would sometimes result in a blank pop-up window.
• SharePoint sub folders with the name “Forms” would not be displayed to the user
• Recovering items from the SharePoint recycle bin which partially succeeded, did not remove the items which were recovered from the recycle bin grid.
• When a user saved his or her user profile without selecting a new profile image, the previous one got erased.
• The SharePoint documents grid would scroll up after renaming or bookmarking an item.
• The cross button for closing the header items was not highlighted in responsive mode.
• Opening older versions of a SharePoint file with special symbols would result in an error.
• When navigating between spaces, the scrolling status would remain the same.
• Moving up a bookmark results in a moving more item when have 50+ list there. When you had more than 50 bookmarks and you would reorder your bookmark, it would result in an incorrect order.
• Dragging an email over a newly created folder in the Email app would not expand the folder.
• It was not possible to open a SharePoint document in the local editor when the name included a “%” or one of the parent folders.
• Uploading large files to SharePoint with specific characters was not possible.
• Recovering SharePoint documents with specific characters was not possible.
• Moving and copying large files to SharePoint with specific characters was not possible.
• SharePoint with specific characters could not be restored from the recycle bin.
• It was not possible to create a SharePoint file/folder with the “$” included in the name.
• The tab selector dropdown in live tiles was not rendered correctly on iOS 13.
• Changing the user profile image after clicking Cancel didn’t work as it’s supposed to.
• Ordered and unordered lists were not working correctly for an announcement.
• The font-weight didn’t show correctly in Chrome on macOS.
• Previously, when a user tried to create apps in the app store with only spaces included in the app name, it resulted in an Error 500.
• When ClearDesk contained an app with spaces in the name, it could break the Add tile flow when trying to add that app.
• Hyperlinks in announcements which have the option open in new tab would still open in the same window.
• When opening a folder or email from the Email live tile, it could fail if the mailbox was not configured or visible in the Email app.
• Scrolling in Email and Documents was not working on iPad iOS 13 desktop mode.
• Scrolling within live tiles looked strange sometimes on iPad iOS 13 desktop mode.
• You can now create a share link for OneNote notebooks.
• 1×1 and 2×2 Google tiles would show up entirely white instead of having the proper app color.


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