Choose a partner who ticks all the boxes

Transformative technology is the future of service delivery for business and government. So when the time comes to choose a partner, who do you look to?

When you choose to partner with 6YS, you choose to support a 100% Australian-owned, Queensland headquartered, medium-sized company who has been at the forefront of cloud computing and transformation since 2003.

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Put your IT in local hands

6YS is 100% Australian-owned and operated. We remain fiercely independent of global players. We are also proudly headquartered in QLD and continue to be a supplier to QLD Government, business and our community.

Our customers benefit from local-support with national and international scale through our vendor partnerships as well as our network of suppliers.

Power your IT with an innovative partner

Since 2003, 6YS has been a pioneer of cloud-computing and the as-a-service space. More importantly, we have helped hundreds of companies and government departments manage their transition to the cloud.

We continue to provide transformation services to businesses and organisations of all sizes every day. Our expert team can assist with everything from building a roadmap to ongoing support.

Leverage the experience of a team that has been delivering mission-critical infrastructure in the cloud since 2003.

Rely on proven expertise

6YS continue to support a number of Queensland as well as other government departments across Australia.

We also support a range of large national and multinational businesses through infrastructure, transformation, connectivity, applications and security.

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Put your IT in secure hands

Our systems and processes exceed the limits to which most organisations operate at. We are certified to the world's leading standards including:

ISO9001:2015 - Quality Management Systems

ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System

ISO 27017:2015 - Security Controls for Cloud Services

ISO 27018:2014 - Code of practice for protection of Personally Identifiable Information in public clouds

Put your IT in sovereign hands

All of our customers can rest assured that their data remains in Australia on servers based in Australia from Australian suppliers.

This removes one of the weakest links in the data security chain for most organisations and is one of the reasons government agencies in Australia trust 6YS .

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Put your hand up to support diversity

6YS support diversity across our organisation. In fact, we are one of only few IT businesses with indigenous representation on our board.

Choose a known team player

6YS can handle everything from strategy through to implementation for you.

We excel in vendor management and can assist in coordinating all the players to deliver the right outcome for your organisation.

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Our approach underpins all of our services

Find out more about our defense in depth strategy that protects our customers (and their customers).

A completely scalable environment with complete cost control and flexible options for procurement.

Delivering ROI faster.