Scalable infrastructure. Scalable payment

Not only do our product and service offerings deliver a scalable approach to deployment of systems for our customers, we also offer scalable payment offerings to make it easier for our customers to maintain cost control and manage their budgets better.


Focus IT resource on growth, not maintenance.

Whether you are an IT department hampered by limited budgets or a business hamstrung by legacy IT - you can get back ahead of the curve. Simple to choose, implement and manage - the 6YS product suite allows you to focus your IT resources on driving the business forward rather than maintaining old technology models.

You can remove hassle and tedium out of managing your own infrastructure and re-focus your resources on projects and initiatives to drive your business forward. Minimal setup and implementation costs mean that you can get an immediate edge and be on the ‘front foot’.

Cost control built-in

6YS Business Grade cloud delivers what you need, when you need it. It also has flexible ordering options to suit any need. Simply choose from one of the following options that best suit the needs of your environment and business. There are also flexible payment options to suit any budget

Pay As You Go

Simple month-to-month billing based on actual usage each month

Contracted Capacity

Contract a certain capacity at discounted rate with the flexibility to redeploy as needed


Both PAYG and Contracted models can be combined for maximum flexibility

Built on the back of the leading technologies

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More about our approach

Find out more about our defense in depth strategy that protects our customers (and their customers).

Engineered to perform 24x7x365 with 99.99% availability.

Delivering ROI faster.