Delivering business value faster

While many technology companies think the technology is the focus - at 6YS we understand that outcomes are the most important factor for todays businesses. All of our products and services are built to deliver a faster outcome for businesses so that they can get on with delivering value for their customers. Not focusing resources on delivering IT projects.

Stop re-creating the wheel and realise ROI faster.

Every business today should be leveraging off the back of tried and tested technologies rather than building their own. Why? In a rapidly changing world with mature technologies, it just does not make sense to try and re-create the wheel every time. It also means organisations can take a new offering to market faster than ever and reduce the cost and complexity of taking a product to market.

No compromises

Anyone can build a system for you by connecting different pieces together. In fact, many businesses try and do this themselves. This might work fine for a while, until something stops working. But for the same reason most of us do not build our own laptops or cars - it is best to leave it to the experts to ensure that all the pieces work together (and, can be fixed if something goes wrong).

6YS takes best of breed, data centre and carrier-grade components, and builds a solution that many businesses could not afford themselves: delivered at scale and as a service. Our customers win by being able to utilise the best products for their IT environment.

Built on the back of the leading technologies

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Engineered to perform 24x7x365 with 99.99% availability.

A completely scalable environment with complete cost control and flexible options for procurement.

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