Transformation for your business, not just your IT

Transforming IT is about more than just which technology stack you choose. There are many choices, options, considerations and therefore decisions. With so many choices, how do you decide? Most organisations will go with the most common platform - but will that provide the optimal solution for your business?

Rely on a team that has lead cloud transformation since 2003. 6YS have been at the forefront of introducing cloud platforms to organisations for over 15 years. If there is a curly question, you can be sure that we have come across it before.

We have helped thousands of organisations transition to a cloud environment from mission-critical government systems to independent app and software builders to businesses just like yours.

We are not tied into one way of doing things. Nor do we just search online to kludge together a solution that works today but may be broken tomorrow.

We focus on outcomes rather than platforms - our focus is getting you the tools and processes to get the job done.

Start your transformation with a strong foundation

Built on the backbone of our industry-leading technology stack - we can customise a solution to minimise the re-work on critical infrastructure and focus time and resources on the projects or apps that make a difference to your business.

You get the support of a team and a range of partners that have delivered meaningful transformation to hundreds of businesses. 

Our engagement process











We work together to build out a roadmap that maps to your business objectives. Not just technology or platforms.

We can support legacy apps and software transition into a cloud environment. We have delivered this for a range of industry-based and market-based software platforms.

We work with you to transition your existing infrastructure to an IT-as-a-Service model with supporting Device-as-a-Service infrastructure

A solid technology roadmap evolves over time. Think of us as an outsourced CIO to provide strategic advice that keeps you on track for the future.

Ongoing advisory services

Technology never stands still. Since 2003, we have watched the cloud become mainstream and evolve. New practices, infrastructure and apps have helped propel businesses onto the global stage. Or, left those behind that have failed to adapt to new practices. Of more concern are the increasing risks and threats that are becoming a problems for businesses everywhere. Our advisory services can keep you at the top of your game and at the leading (and secure) edge of technology.

Decision Making Support

We act as an outsourced CIO to organisations of all sizes. Draw on our expertise and our extensive experience working with hundreds of businesses in all sectors to help you choose the right path for your business.

Interface with 3rd Party Vendors

Take the hassle out of working with suppliers by having us do it for you. We can do all the ground work for you. This will make it easier for you to focus on the business processes and people . And, it will help accelerate your transformation.

Evergreen Road Maps

We work with you to continue to evolve your business as business needs or risks change. We draw on expertise gained from working with many businesses to apply the latest and best practices to your business.

Our approach underpins all of our services

Find out more about our defense in depth strategy that protects our customers (and their customers).

A completely scalable environment with complete cost control and flexible options for procurement.

Delivering ROI faster.