Four nines are always better than three

Our infrastructure is engineered to perform 24x7x365 with 99.99% (4 nines) availability. We are not content to just meet the 99.9% availability most providers aim for. Any service is only as strong as its weakest link, so we provide our partners and customers the confidence to use our platform for mission critical IT systems.

For many years we have delivered for our customers increased availability and performance based on:

  • Lower contention networks
  • Higher capacity performance on shared infrastructure

Introducing the Performance Unit

We developed a new way to measure and allocate performance. We call it the “Performance Unit”. Each Performance Unit is an equal “slice” of the physical host server that runs your Virtual Machine.

Each performance unit that you pay for remains yours. We will never sell the same Performance Unit it to someone else. This means you can always access the CPU and RAM capacity you are paying for.

Unmatched performance

No noisy neighbours (Your infrastructure is yours. Not shared )

When you buy virtual machines or virtual infrastructure you are paying for a part of a physical device. The supplier takes a physical device and cuts it up into virtual pieces which are sold to you.

One practice that is common is oversubscribing the space that is sold. This could result in 13 users using a service on a device that has only capacity for 10 spaces. This is done on the premise that different end users will not necessarily use it at the same time. This maximises the provider’s profitability but doesn’t provide the best user experience.

6YS ensures that the space, memory and processing you pay for is yours and yours only. We do not sell it twice and there are no “noisy neighbours” affecting your performance. We call that dedicated resource the performance unit.

Flexible Deployment

If you have existing infrastructure, we support BYO.  Customers can bring their own data-centre grade equipment into our data centres, whatever it may be. You can leverage existing capital expenditure during your business transition to an as-a-service environment

Whether you need to bring an existing firewall, run up a physical database server or just install a router from your WAN provider, we can accommodate all data-centre grade equipment with ease.

Low contention network for mission critical IT

6YS can address most business requirements from a standardised Service Catalogue meaning solutions become modular, easy to implement and cost-effective to maintain.

Our own dedicated infrastructure spans Australia and includes:

  • Our own MPLS backbone running up and down the east coast of Australia ensuring remote services operate fast
  • Unlimited infrastructure and hosting environment support for partners (24x7 for mission critical matters)
  • Daily backup of all data, retained on customer defined schedules ranging from 7 days to 10+ years.

Built on the back of the leading technologies

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More about our approach

Find out more about our defense in depth strategy that protects our customers (and their customers).

A completely scalable environment with complete cost control and flexible options for procurement.

Delivering ROI faster.