All the apps, all the time. Always easy to manage.

Welcome to the new world of cloud management. All the lessons about control, access and integration is new again. Just because your business users are adding new apps into the mix does not mean you need to give up control and security.

Whether it is on premise, hosted or cloud apps ClearDesk has you covered. One single pane of glass makes it easier for your business users to launch all the apps they need. And ClearDesk has even made it easier for you to manage who gets access to what. We support over 5000 common software as a service apps, with 6YS being able to integrate on-premise or hosted (Citrix or Microsoft RDS). Which means your teams can send tweets, update the CRM and even trigger invoices with a single click. Best of all you can see who has access to what app through the management console.

Access is secured through single sign-on so they only need one username and password to access all their apps and data. Easy for them and even easier to manage.

Big data just got small again

Empower your business through the sharing of data

Through ClearDesk, you can instantly share data and notifications to the people who need them. ClearDesk's integration platform covers many applications, reports and information can now be distributed at ease to a user's control panel. No more emailed reports, version control or inbox clogging spreadsheets required.

  • Data integration between apps allows records to be kept in sync between data silos and in accordance with business workflows
  • Connect almost any app or database including Cloud (SaaS), hosted and even those running on-premises within your infrastructure
  • Available as fully managed, or self-managed for customers with their own application and data architects in-house

Say good bye to painful password management

ClearDesk provides a “Single Pane of Glass” through which your business users can access all of their business apps with a single username and password. Combined with optional multi-factor authentication, you can kiss post-it passwords goodbye.

Easy for end users to stay secure

Every source of data tells us that it is easier for end users to manage one secure password rather than a multitude of variations on the same. Set one level of complexity (and even multi-factor authentication) and with one-click sign on to their favourite apps, your users will never need to remember all the variations for individual apps, software and databases.

Any device anywhere

ClearDesk enables your digital workplace by allowing your workforce to work anywhere, anytime, easily. Any device with a browser can deliver access to all of your compan's cloud, on-premise and even legacy apps.

ClearDesk Laptop

Launch anything from one screen

The worlds favourite tools

Microsoft 365 and Azure AD integration allows instant access to industry standard tools like Exchange email and SharePoint documents.

Communicate to the outside world

All the common tools to share your company's story can be managed


Share the latest data from around the company to those who need it through tools like ClearDesk Insight and more.

Any app, well nearly

The cloud has delivered an explosion of apps to everyone. Control them all from one interface.

Simple pricing

ClearDesk offers a simple and scalable pricing model that makes it accessible for any business. Whether you are 20 users or 10,000 - ClearDesk can streamline your application management and remove much of the manual handling of your support teams.

DIY or entirely managed? The choice is yours

Available as fully managed, or self-managed for customers with their own application and data architects in-house. You choose how you deploy ClearDesk to suit the needs of your organisation. All customers are fully backed by our 24/7, 365 Australian based support team.

Ready for a frictionless user and management experience?