Choosing the right phone options is as simple as 1,2,3.

Most businesses still require the basics of a phone system that just works. At 6YS, we pride ourselves on providing a range of options that suit pretty much any business. When it is simple you need, we can deliver. Our basic options are cost effective yet take advantage of the latest robust technology platforms powered by Broadsoft.

For those businesses who need a little more you can choose from a range of optional add ons including soft phones (where you use your mobile or computer as the "desk-phone") or for those still needing fax - we can deliver that as well. If you use chat or video calling, simply choose the number that are required.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to use and even easier to manage.

1. Choose the features you need. Add options that suit

Simply choose the features that suit the needs of your team. Mix and match for different users in your business

Talk feature pack

Perfect for users who just need business phones to talk to other people. Includes basic telephony, call forwarding, call groups, music on hold and voicemail. Add a soft phone or Fax2Email for a small amount more.

Elevate feature pack

When you need a little more than a basic phone including basic call handling - this is the pack for you. Includes Talk features, plus Selective Call Handling, Shared Call Appearance, Busy Lamp Field and soft phone. Fax2Email can be added for a nominal amount more.

Collaborate feature pack

When communications are critical to the way you do business and you need do a lot of video and web conferences - this is the comprehensive solution that will delvier. Includes Talk & Elevate features, plus Fax2Email, Communicator app on all platforms and Audio, Video & Web conferencing via My Room.


2. Choose a call pack

Pay as you go

Perfect for light callers - with this pack and pay only for the calls you make at standard toll rates.

Local and National Call Pack

Add this call pack to all users to make free Local & National calls (up to 1000 voice minutes per user, averaged across all users). Other calls such as Mobile, 13/1300, International etc charged at standard toll rates.

Local, National and Mobile Calls.

Make free Local, National & Mobile calls (up to 1000 voice minutes per user, 50% of which may be fixed-to-mobile calls, averaged across all users). Other calls such as 13/1300, International etc charged at standard toll rates.

NOTE: All users within the same customer must have the same Call Pack.

APPSPOINT Commspoint

3. Choose a handset for each user

We can supply you the latest range with everything from deskphones to meeting room devices

Contact us for the up to date range of devices available.

We can also help you with

Business Internet

Depending on the number of users you have, a basic internet package from a telco may not be enough. You may also need to consider dedicating bandwidth for voice services if it is critical that your customers reach you. We are experts in deploying rock solid internet connections to ensure that your customers can always get through.

Integrating your phones with your Office 365

We offer a range of options to integrate and deploy your telephony as easily as you do any software. For simpler management of telephony, apps and more - give us a call today.

Ready for simple IT?