Managed Private Networks like a superhighway for your data.

A superhighway for your data.

Get a wide area network that fits like a glove. Be part of a purpose-built fully-redundant network which spans the eastern seaboard of Australia. Built to safely and securely transport our customers data between premises - our Etherflex network has performed time and time again.

Some key features include:

  • Managed router for each link to enable end-to-end management and monitoring. This allows us to identify and remove chokepoints.
  • A self-service portal for each customers to monitor in real-time.
  • Dedicated links available from 0.5Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Full support for multi-pop (point of presence) designs.
  • Proactive link monitoring and alerts so you keep informed.
  • High-speed public cloud interconnects

How does it connect to my current business internet?

Over 20 last mile carriers supported

Our Etherflex Managed Private Network has access to over 20 last mile carriers across a range of technologies. Whether your premises has access to intermix fibre, copper or wireless - our network can connect you at high speed to public or private clouds - or your other premises.

You can determine end-to-end traffic policies to completely customise to your requirements. Best of all, all links are monitored 24x7 with alerts built-in so you are aware of a problem before it becomes one.

4 reasons to use our network rather than build your own

Best Fit Carrier Solutions

The right carrier varies by location and through our network - each location can take advantage of the best available in each area.

Monitored Quality of Service

We operate our network at industry-leading low-contention rates. This delivers the performance our customers are looking for without the significant investment in their own infrastructure.

Managed Internet Gateways

We offer centrally managed firewall solutions to protect our customers data.

Flexiblity as your business changes

Our managed private network is configurable to suit your needs as the world and technology changes. Through high-speed interconnects with data centres and public cloud providers - our network will deliver the performance you need today and into the future.

Want internet that just works? Talk to us about super-reliable business internet.

Ultra Reliable

Business Internet services are precision engineered for businesses that rely on their Internet Connection to trade

High Performance

Our Business Internet services are operated at industry-leading  low contention ratios to ensure the best and most consistent performance around the clock

Optional Managed Router

We can supply managed routers for Business Internet services so help is only ever one call away.

DDoS Protection

All 6YS Internet services come with built-in advanced DDoS protection at no additional charge.

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