Speed to a business outcome for your customers

Sales Partners

Leverage our broad IT as a Service portfolio combined with our turnkey services to offer complete solutions

Consulting Partners

Focus on your area of expertise and let us assist with the delivery of outcomes through our service offerings.

Integration Partners

Deliver your own IT as a Service solutions your customers combined with our expertise and infrastructure for faster delivery.

Vendor Partners

Deliver your own services built upon our cloud platforms and focus on the solution rather than infrastructure.

Engage on your terms

It is your customer - you choose how to engage with 6YS. We can be there every step of the way to support you in how you want to engage with your customers. Some partners rely on us as a key part of their sales and technical teams while others prefer us to focus on the platforms and services.

The choice is yours when you partner with 6YS but regardless of how big or small your are, every partner receives the same level of service and our no compromise approach to delivering value for you and your customers.

We are part of your team

Sales partners

6YS can engage fully with the end customer encompassing delivery and service management.

Consulting partners

6YS assist with delivery of the solution as well as platforms and services but under your control.

Integration partners

Continue to directly support and service your customers, but leverage 6YS platforms to enhance your service offering.

Vendor partners

You provide the solution while we support you with our robust and extensive infrastructure platforms.


Simple white label solutions

Be in control of your customers and avoid the need to develop and implement your own solutions.


Wholesale pricing

Grow your ongoing revenue and profits while we manage it for you. Take advantage of wholesale pricing on our range of turnkey solutions.