refer business...
...make money

Many of our loyal customers and partners refer business to us everyday. Why? Because they believe in our secure cloud methodology and know they get to an outcome sooner.

We decided to reward people for referring business because it is the right thing to do.

How it works
1. Simply register as an agent
2. Refer businesses you know who need our products and services
3. If the customer purchases one of our products or services through our partner network, you receive $1000*. Simple

Referable 6YS Services

Web Hosting


Secure Cloud



Disaster Recovery

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* By registering you agree to the following rules:
  • The referred customer must buy a 6YS service
  • The service purchased must be contracted for 12 months or more
  • The cost of the service must exceed
    • $1000 per month for COMMSPOINT services, or
    • $100 per month for any other 6YS service
  • Commission will be paid after the new customer pays their first invoice
  • The 6YS Special Agent program finishes at 6YS complete discretion
  • 6YS has complete discretion over how this program operates and how commissions are paid