Great outcomes don't deploy themselves.
Introducing 6YS services

Whether you need support to determine how to get a customers legacy server into the cloud, how to take them on the journey or just some support to customise a deployment - you can call on the team at 6YS.

Most of our team are available to support our partners and their customers to help them achieve a customised cloud environment that delivers the outcomes they require.

Some of our services

Cloud Deployment Planning
Leverage our experience in deploying tailored cloud solutions for over 15 years. Through our discovery process we can support your organisation to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Custom Cloud deployments
Because no two organisations are the same, 6YS can support delivery of a truly tailored solution backed by our modular, secure and scalable technology stack.

Ad Hoc Services
Outside of our more common services, 6YS can support your organisation through our highly-skilled staff and through our network of industry-leading contractors.

How we engage?

Whether you need ongoing support for your organisation or some short term advice on the best way to deploy your organisation to the cloud - 6YS are an integral part of their partner’s teams.

We can deploy as an integral part of your team or we can engage customers on our partners behalf to deliver the best outcomes and tailored solutions for organisations Australia-wide.

+ Smarts

In your case, having our head in the clouds is a good thing

Our core team is comprised of the most experienced cloud strategists and professionals in Australia. Why? Because we have done little else for over 15 years. Following the vision of our core team is a broader team of professionals and partners committed to delivering the best mix of technology and services for  powerful, scalable outcomes.

When the world’s most popular (by installed base) operating systems were being delivered on CD-ROM - we were already in the cloud. For over 15 years our core team members pushed the boundaries of what was technically possible for our customers and our extended team have built an incredible bank of expertise integrating some of the most complex environments for our customers.

Meet our visionaries

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Sam Forbes - Founder and CEO

Sam is one of the leading pioneers of cloud technology in Australia founding 6YS before cloud was a thing. Before starting 6YS, Sam served as a CTO and in various technology delivery roles for global organisations across 5 continents. Sams passion drives the team to deliver best-of-breed applications across all of 6YS partners and their customers.

Sam holds a Master of Information Technology and a PhD in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology.

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Martin Von Stein - CTO

Martin lives and breathes cloud technologies and has engineered outcomes for customers for over 8 years. He is an accomplished cloud evangelist and speaker. Martin has also been  named a Forbes magazine “Thought Leader in Data Centre Networks”.

Martin is critical to the delivery and development of the 6YS product suite as well as working with partners to deliver outcomes for their customers.

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Alun Carp - R&D Manager

Alun is a true full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience pushing the boundaries of hardware and software development. Alun started out developing encryption and security systems for public and private organisations in the defence and finance industries. He then moved onto product development for leading technology companies in the security space.

Alun takes the visions and ideas dreamed up by the team and figures out the how-to through hardware and software development.

You can’t achieve what we have without a great team.

Behind the scenes 6YS employ experts in a variety of fields from customer support through to program and platform development.

We also walk the talk when it comes to as-a-Service bringing together a range of best-of-breed individuals and organisations to support our back office.