Backup your Office365 data and meet your legislative requirements - simply and easily

It is now easy to back up your Office 365 environment securely, quickly and easily. All in ISO27001 certified data centres based here in Australia.

Introducing STOREPOINT Protect 365 from 6YS. The simple, easy and secure way to back up your Office 365 environment to meet all of your legislative requirements.

  • Protect your data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.
  • Quickly restore individual items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility
  • Granular point-in-time recovery may enable full recovery against internal or external security threats
  • Provide yourself the tools to meet policy, governance or legislative requirements easily and simply.

STOREPOINT Protect 365 allows you to backup:

  • Backup Microsoft Exchange both online and on-premise
  • Microsoft Sharepoint (both online and on-premise)
  • One Drive for Business

But isn't Office 365 backed up automatically?

What is backed up by Office 365?

Deleted permanently after 1-month

  • Deleted items (recycle bin)
  • Old employees

Deleted permanently after 3-months

  • Deleted Sharepoint online sites and items
  • Deleted Onedrive for Business Files


Most business records need to be kept for 5 years under legislative requirements.


6 reasons why you need to backup Office 365

Accidental Deletion

This happens more often than you might think and is easy to do. One of the simplest things to protect yourself against.

Retention Policy Confusion / Gaps

Retention policies are always evolving and tend to be very complicated to manage and monitor. It is common for admins to believe they are covered only to find that certain items have been filed elsewhere and not included in a standard backup.

Internal Security Threats

Malicious insiders, retaliation and tampering can happen to any business and have broader implications for directors of businesses. Protect yourself from rogues.

External Security Threats

Ransomware, malware, hackers and rogue employee apps can take your business down. These threats are extremely prevalent in industries who hold valuable customer data or data that can be re-sold to scammers. Threats are on the rise all over the world and loss of company data can be crippling.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

The requirements for each industry can be different but even the basics may not be covered under normal backups. You can find out more out to determine what you need to keep.

Managing hybrid deployments and migrations

The more complex your IT environment the more important it is to backup at each step of the way.

Storepoint 365

STOREPOINT Protect 365 delivers:

Simple access and control

Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data and
storing it in one location, making recovery fast, easy and reliable.

Bulletproof security for your backup

All backups are stored in our ISO27001 certified data centres

Granular control over your backups

Choose to back up everything or select what you want to back up at a granular level from a simple interface.

Simple and easy to restore files

All your backups are hyper-accessible from our data centres with 99.99% uptime.

Get in control of your compliance and backups today.