Business Apps - Then and Now

Welcome to the new world of application management where everything you knew about control, access and integration are being thrown out the door. Business users are forcing new apps in everyday and making decisions independent of the IT department. Often they give little thought to management, security and control. But, they still expect IT departments to pick up the pieces when something does not work as intended or security issues arise.

Let's look at what has changed.


  • Mostly on-premises
  • Customer-controlled upgrade path
  • Simple access control
  • Easy to secure
  • Easy to integrate (e.g. Middleware)
  • Apps forced to adapt to the business
  • Model is comfortable and well understood


  • Combination of on-prem, hosted & SaaS
  • Vendor-dictated upgrade path
  • Complex access control
  • Difficult to secure
  • Complicated to integrate (e.g. API)
  • Businesses forced to adapt to their apps
  • Model is still evolving and ever-changing

Feeling out of control?

Challenges facing most organisations

  • Apps consumed from a diverse range of providers under a number of different models
  • No unified security model
  • Complex governance requirements
  • Range of independent data silos
  • Multiple sources of truth
  • Difficult to build intelligence across multiple apps / data sets
  • Lack of insight into data

Introducing APPSPOINT Workspace

APPSPOINT™ WORKSPACES Single Sign-on solution provides a “Single Pane of Glass” through which your users can access all of their company-approved business apps with a single username and password (with optional two-factor authentication).

Close the loop on identity compliance

A key benefit of Single Sign On is the centralised recoding of all user management and login activity. The audit trail records all user changes and activity (such as application access times) which can be useful for powerful statistics or retrospective forensics.

This data can presented using a series of standard reports or custom reports can be generated to suit organisational compliance requirements.

Desktop Integration

The Corporate SSO solution can also be deployed with a desktop agent, which prompts the user to log into their PC or Mac with their “single” login, after which they are granted access to all approved company apps.


Manage any app on any device

One login for all the apps you need

Enable staff to log in to all business apps through a single corporate log-in with optional two-factor authentication.

Supports over 5000 business apps

We support all common Software as a Service apps as well as our own APPSPOINT apps.

Manage deployments from anywhere

Provision a new user and device from anywhere in the world from the cloud within minutes.

All types of devices supported

Set and enforce access and data policies across all apps, devices and locations in one place.

Simplify deployment,
control and compliance

APPSPOINT™ WORKSPACE enables Enterprise Mobility Management which builds on the foundation of Single Sign-on and addresses the Governance, Risk and Compliance considerations of corporate application usage and data access.

With EMM corporate and user-owned (BYOD) desktop computers and mobile devices used by staff to access corporate data and apps are enrolled and can then be centrally managed by IT.


Secure data access

The EMM solution can be used to provide a secure unified access platform for corporate data and email on mobile devices. Users can obtain access to data and email stored with Office 365, 6YS, Dropbox and many others, all in one location and all centrally secured.

This also allows for simplified configuration of email and data access as settings are pushed to the device from the platform, removing the need for users to spend time to configure their devices themselves.

Manage Device Compliance

Automate device compliance for advanced data leakage protection including protection against jailbroken devices, whitelist and blacklist apps, open-in app restrictions, cut / copy / paste restrictions, geofencing, network configuration and a range of advanced restrictions and policies enforced through the policy engine.

Ready to reduce app sprawl and re-gain control of your environment easily and simply?